Should baby clothes be "dark" or "light"?

Should baby clothes be "dark" or "light"?

Dark clothes are resistant to dirt, but they are harmful to the baby

Because babies get dirty clothes easily, spit up milk when they are very young, start to drool when they grow up, and dirty clothes easily when they go to the toilet. When the baby starts walking and crawling, it is the most expensive time to wear clothes. when.

Many mothers wash their children's clothes to the point of collapse, because they are washed too often, and they are either doing the laundry or on the way to do the laundry every day, so in order to make themselves a little more relaxed.

Many mothers are willing to choose some dark-colored clothes for their children, because the color is darker, and the cleanliness cannot be seen, so they can wear it for a little more time.

But you must know that dark clothes must contain chemical substances, otherwise the dyeing will not be so uniform, and it will not fade, then the color fixing agent will cause harm to the human body.

Especially if the baby does not have much immunity and resistance, the chemical substances such as color fixer are easily absorbed by the baby, which seriously threatens the baby's health.

The color is light and not resistant to dirt, but it is good for the baby's body

Babies can be a ticking time bomb because you don't know when your child will be holding something in your hands, and it's even more exhausting for parents after the baby can start solid food.

Because their complementary foods are generally colored, because there are vegetables, and those colors are easy to eat all over the body, oil stains, stains, fruit stains, these are difficult to clean.

So it must be a challenge to wear light-colored clothes for your baby, but you must know that light-colored clothes contain less chemical components, because some cotton, linen or pure cotton, and even silk fabrics themselves have no color.

And if you want to pursue natural, no chemical substances, it is best to choose light-colored clothes. This will protect the child's body a bit.
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